Catholic Engaged Encounter Weekend

Updated on March 26th, 2024


“The Engaged Encounter weekend is a live-in experience when couples planning marriage spend time together to concentrate on each other and their future marriage relationship free from the tensions, pressures and interruptions of daily life and the preparations for the wedding. It is designed to give the couple opportunities to talk honestly and deeply about their future. Self-identity, roles, expectations of each other in areas of money, sex, friends, children, family, religion and the Church’s beliefs about marriage are some of the topics covered. There is no group sharing.”


The program is for couples of any age, who are preparing to marry and are mature enough to believe that their good relationship can become even better. For couples planning to be married in the Catholic Church, marriage preparation is compulsory. Other programs are available but it is our belief that the Engaged Encounter weekend offers a unique and intensive experience to couples.

The weekend is Catholic in orientation and is presented by two Catholic couples and a priest but couples of other faiths are welcome.”


The live-in weekend is a package starting with registration on Friday evening at 6pm and ending on Sunday afternoon at about 1pm. Our weekends are held at The Ave Maria Pastoral Centre in Gaborone. Through a series of presentations, based on the lived experience of the team, the engaged couples are exposed to a number of relevant issues and encouraged to reflect and then discuss these privately from the perspective of their own unique relationship. This couple sharing is the most important part of the weekend.

19-21 July 2019 WEEKEND

CEE desk had the second workshop of the year. It was yet another successful weekend with 44 couples registering for the weekend from various parishes in the Diocese of Gaborone and Diocese of Francistown. This is the largest group CEE has experienced in the history of CEE in Botswana. CEE team would like to commend and thank the “July 2019” group for their commitment and positive energy displayed during the weekend. CEE team wishes the couples well, as they embark on their matrimonial journey.

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